Nikki Q., 63130

“Hairstylists are listed among the top 50 most at risk jobs to perform during this pandemic among teachers and medical professionals yet we are not considered essential. President Trump even recommends opening up hair salons at Phase 3 or 4, yet out officials decided Phase 1.

Social distancing is impossible for us in our line of work. The nature of our work forces us to come in direct contact with our clients.

Because of PPE and disinfectant shortages we fear not being able to continuously supply ourselves with the things that we need to keep ourselves and our clients safe, and we worry that some salons may carry on without these protective measures in place should they become impossible to find.

Keeping spas closed because of the inability to maintain social distancing even though hairstylists come in just as close contact with their clients.

Your answers to our questions so far has been to tell us we can continue to stay at home if we don’t feel comfortable opening up, but if we are deemed essential workers we will no longer have access to relief funds that allow us to stay home and help keep our communities safe

Our jobs have been politicized in many states across the country by politicians who don’t understand the risks involved with spreading disease in our industry and no one seems interested to hear how we as professionals feel about anything.”